Review Of Used Marine Diesel Engines

Used marine diesel engines

Marine diesel engines

We provide a wide range of used marine engines. We offer a wide ranger of used marine diesel engines and they are available in different conditions, power settings, applications and a variety of models. Before you purchase the engines, we will provide you with an overview of the engine’s condition. The engines we provide have been used in the past in different fields on different vessels.

A majority of these engines are used for propulsion. Others are used for an auxiliary application, while some are used for generators. These engines are known as marine because they used a water-cooled exhaust system. A majority of the marine engines we provide have turbos and are installed with water-cooled exhaust manifolds. Each engine is unique as its settings are based on actual conditions and former applications.

The engine’s condition also depends on the maintenance and running hours on the period in which it has operated. Some of the used marine engines are old but haven’t been used for long and that they only require some maintenance. Some of the engines have been used for long and all they need is an overhaul. If you need any setting changed on the engine, we can provide these services to the satisfaction of our clients. If the engine does not meet the customer’s requirements, we can find another solution for them.

Used marine diesel engines

The marine diesel engines we offer are included in the entire range

The used marine diesel engines we provide are a part of our entire range. The engines in our stock are more than hundreds of used engines. Moreover, most of the engines’ range between 200 to 2,000 HP. We also provide gearboxes and generators. We also provide a full stock of new or reconditioned spare parts. Some of the engines available in our stocks are; CATERPILLAR 3406 DITA, RENAULT M1, VOLVO PENTA D9A and SCANIA DI16-43 M01P, among others. our company works towards providing quality levels of service and satisfying our clients.

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