Reasons why a company does not reach diversity and inclusion goals

The aim of advertising job vacancies is to attract different candidates. There are several reasons why some companies don’t attract different candidates. One reason is the skewed job description. This can be age or gender discrimination. The language that many companies use is too complex, if you do it may scare some candidates even if they are very well suited to the position they think the company is not doing your job. Learn how to have a diversity and inclusion job description.

Hot to improve within your company

In most cases, companies have committed to avoiding gender bias in their job vacancies, so this is the start of recruiting various candidates. But avoiding gender bias is not enough to attract different candidates. For example people in the following situations:

Poor reading ability, different ages, different nationalities, different cultures, disabilities, such as color blindness, etc.

How to deal with diversity and inclusion?

But how do you deal with diversity and inclusion? This requires a company-wide approach and a change in culture. You need to implement these principles at every step of the hiring process. These principles must also be implemented in internal communication, corporate communication and the reward systems. When you really start attracting different people to your company, the real change begins.

Reach the largest and diverse group possible

In order to attract diverse candidates, your target group should of course not be too narrow. Would you like a lot of the right people to respond to your job openings? as diverse and large a group as possible. Although you will target a large number of people, you want your job posting text to be consistent with your company branding. That way you always send the correct information.

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