Electric vehicles are getting more popular: here’s why

A few years ago, the idea of roads full of electric vehicles seemed like a fantasy. It felt like science fiction, something that maybe would happen in the future, but not before 2050. Nowadays, electric vehicles are getting more and more common and we now know that we can expect for the majority of our vehicles to be electric within the next twenty years. The big questions is: how come that electric vehicles are getting so popular all of a sudden?

Source: EV Markets Reports

Big improvements

Do you remember the first electric cars that were released? They were often slow, they didn’t have a lot of power and they weren’t very practical, since they lacked battery capacity. They also had a bit of a silly image. The state of electric vehicles has changed drastically. Electric cars have had major improvements over the last few years, with more horsepower, an increasingly better range and they are not considered silly anymore (also thanks to companies like Tesla, Polestar, Audi, BMW and Mercedes).

The growing importance of sustainability

We all know what is happening in the world. The global climate crisis is happening even more quickly than we initially feared and that forces us to radically change the way we live. We have to live more conscious and this also has its consequences for the world of automotive. Because of the growing importance of sustainability, electric and hybrid vehicles have become more popular than ever before.

This change is also pushed by governments all over the world. Governments have started pressuring car manufacturers, stating that a certain percentage of their sales will need to be for electric cars. Because of this, new electric and hybrid vehicles have entered the market over the past few years.

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